How to Sign Up Nimbuzz Instant Messenger Account

Create Nimbuzz Account

With more than 170 million users, the messaging client Nimbuzz is popular because of its exceptional features. It is available for Android, iOS devices  Windows, Mac desktop computers. BlackBerry OS and Symbian. Nimbuzz offers free voice calling, social gaming, file sharing along with a lot of interesting features. It also offers international calling on discounted rates.

Today, in this educational guide, I will show you how to start using Nimbuzz to connect and chat with your friends and family around the globe easily and quickly.

How to Set up Nimbuzz Account

You can download and use Nimbuzz almost on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry phone, Nokia, Amazon Kindle, Mac computers and Windows PC desktop computers.

First of all, download Nimbuzz app or software on your mobile or computer before starting the Nimbuzz sign up procedure.

  1. Next, provide your mobile number.
  2. You can choose login with Facebook option.
  3. Enter unique ID and password

Creating a Nimbuzz Account on Mobile

Mobile users can create their account easily and quickly after downloading the app on mobile phones. Creating your Nimbuzz account is not as hard as you think. To set up your Nimbuzz account, Just follow these simple steps.

  • Launch the Nimbuzz app
  • A “Register” button will  appear on the screen, just tap it
  • Now, enter your phone number
  • Nimbuzz facilitates its users to sign in using their existing Facebook account. You can use this feature instead of signing up by providing your email, phone number, and other personal information. If you choose Facebook login, then you can easily connect with your Facebook friends on Nimbuzz to start chatting. But if you don’t want to use this option, just click the “Skip” button located on the right side of the screen.
  • Next, select a screen name, enter a new password and verify your age limit.

Now you are ready to chat with your friends in Nimbuzz. A chatbot “Jimmy” will appear on the screen to help you learn Nimbuzz features.

Mac or PC

Learn how to create a Nimbuzz account on Mac or PC easily and quickly with step by step educational guide. First, you need to visit the website and see the download section to learn download procedure. Just download and install on your Mac or PC.

After the installation, a screen will appear for account registration. Enter your username and Nimbuzz password to get your Nimbuzz account on Mac or PC computer.

Creating You Nimbuzz account on Mac or PC

to create your account on Mac or PC, just follow these simple steps

  • First off, provide your phone number. Please select your country before entering the phone number.
  • Now, enter the security code (to authenticate that you’re not an automated bot and a real person creating a new account)
  • Finally, click continue

Now you can enjoy using the Nimbuzz on your mobile phone or desktop computers without any hesitation. For more information about Nimbuzz sign up, please visit the official website. Also, share your views on Nimbuzz new account in the comments.

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