VidMate Alternatives: Similar Video Downloading Apps

VidMate Alternatives

Note: We do not encourage people to download YouTube videos for commercial or personal use. For more information, Please read YouTube privacy policy and Terms & Conditions.

In this article, we will show you a list of best VidMate alternatives you can use to download your favorite videos not only from YouTube but also from other popular video sharing, music streaming, and social networking websites.

VidMate is a most popular video downloader available for Android devices. It is used to download videos, especially from YouTube and other video sharing and streaming websites. Not only this, but the user can also download high-quality audio files to listen to their favorite songs and HD quality video files to watch high definition movies and TV shows right from their personal computer or smart devices like Smartphone or tablets. Downloading videos from different online video sharing sites is a little complicated. People used different apps and software which can harm their devices by an automated installations of unwanted and virus-infected programs. So make sure to download and install apps or software from reliable and authentic sources.

Our research team selected the best possible VidMate alternatives that you can use to download and watch high definition movies and television shows absolutely free. Here’s the list of similar apps like VidMate.

1. Easy Downloader Pro

Easy Downloader ProThis is actually my favorite applications. With a nice, clean and user-friendly interface, Easy Downloader Pro in another great choice for movie lovers. if you are looking to collect amazing videos for your Smartphone or tablet, then Easy Downloader Pro might be your first choice.  It is doubt, a perfect download manager for Android users. Visit the official web page for more information.

Easy Downloader Pro Android

Best way to download any file on an Android device
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2. Easy HD Video Downloader

Easy HD Video DownloaderMultifunctional video downloading app, Easy HD video Downloader is another best VidMate alternative you can use to download your favorite videos. Would you like to have a cup of tea while watching an awesome movie right from your tablet? Yes, of course. If you are looking for an app that downloads HD quality with HQ voice videos, then Easy HD video Downloader is for you. Most of the people like to store great videos on their portable devices, so they can enjoy movies while traveling or at home without the hassle of internet connectivity. Easy HD Video Downloader provides an opportunity to download best movies and songs for your personal library.

Android Easy HD Video Downloader

Fastest tool for you to download videos from the internet web
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3. Media Clip

Media ClipSearching videos online is the most common habit these days. People prefer to save videos on their devices to watch in spare time instead of streaming online. There are so many places where you can download your favorite movies, TV shows, and music videos. Media Clip can help you download digital stuff directly to your devices. It automatically searches video files from the internet and organizes them according to the quality of the video. So you can choose and download desired video file easily and quickly.

Media Clip Download

Download videos with just a few touches – videos will be stored in your multimedia folder.
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4. LastTUBE

LastTUBEDo not hesitate to try this amazing video downloader. LastTube allows users to download high-quality content from popular videos and music platforms. For example, you can download music from or educational videos from YouTube, LastTube provides fast downloading opportunity. If you are an Android users, then you can install and use LastTune on your phone or tablet easily and quickly.

LastTUBE Video Downloader

Youtube Video Audio AlbumArt Downloader.
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5. Daily Video Downloader

Daily Video DownloaderYou can use Daily video Downloader to download videos from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as from thousands of online video hosting sharing platforms. The app is available for Android devices. It allows the user to download videos and audio files from video sharing and streaming sites. Now you can listen to your favorite music and watch high-quality movies on your local device. No doubt, it is a perfect downloader which you can use for free.

Daily Video Downloader Android

Download videos from a ton of different platforms
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6. Panbox Video Downloader

PanboxKeeping nice videos on your iPad can be more enjoyable when you are traveling with your friends or family.  But the question is that how to download videos on your Android tablet. The answer is very simple. Use Panbox Video Downloader to download high definition HD quality videos to your devices. It is a simple but fast and easy to use downloader, which downloads videos from thousands of video sharing websites and social media sites like Vine, Facebook, Instagram, Stupid Videos, Funny Videos etc.

Panbox Video Downloader

Download videos from loads of platforms to Android
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7. YDownload

YDownloadLuckily, we have YDownload app on our list because of its credibility among video geeks. YouTube not allowed to download and use videos because they are copyrighted. But if you want to download a video for your personal collection or educational purpose, then it’s all right. There are so many apps available on Google Play but only a few have the ability to download videos from YouTube. YDownload is a great app available for Android devices.

8. All Tube Video Downloader

All-TubeIf you are looking videos from leading portals, then All Tube Video Downloader might be your first choice. It allows users to download videos from popular video platforms such as Vine, Vube, DailyMotion, Hulu, Vimeo and many others. You can also use All Tube Video Downloader to download videos from social media networks.

9. AllVids Video Downloader Pro

AllVidsWith AllVids, you can download videos from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. It is a fast, secure and easy-to-use tool that provides facility to download high-quality videos and images. The good thing is that they integrated a stop button. So you can cancel the download process anytime.

10. FVD – Free Video Downloader

FVDThere are tons of application in the market but we have selected only best, reliable and secure apps which you can use to download videos from video sharing and streaming sites. FVD-Free Video Downloader is one of them. If you really want to use the fastest application on your device, then try this app at least for once. Please remember, we are not promoting these apps but providing the list of best available video downloading tools for your Android devices.

FVD Free Video Downloader

Created by: SharkLab Mobile. Download videos from the web
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11. Muvi Downloader

Muvi DownloaderMuvi Downloader allows user to download multiple files from multiple websites simultaneously.  The multi-functional tool can be used not only for videos but also for popular music formats and images. This is actually a complete application which you can use to download all kind of stuff from the internet. It features the support for MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3 video, and music file formats.

Muvi Download Videos Free

videos is now easier than ever
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12. EZD Video Download Manager

EZD Download ManagerThe perfect download manager for your smartphone. You can run the app directly from SSD card or external storage. EZD Video Download manager is a fast, secure and free tool which you can use to download videos directly to your devices. You can not only download videos but also can organize because of its beautiful interface and useful functionality.

EZD Video Download

Download videos with just a click
Official Website

13. Video Downloader HQ

Video Downloader HQVideo Downloader HQ is not only the video downloader but also contains a huge library of free videos from which you can choose best videos for your smartphone or tablet. It organizes almost kind of videos ranging from funny to animals to science. Video Downloader HQ is free and you can download easily by clicking the download link below. Please remember, the purpose of this article is to provide best information and tools. We are not promoting, nor endorsing specific apps or programs. Also, we do not store these apps. You can download all the stuff from reliable and authentic resources available online.

14. VIP Mate

VIP MateIf you want to save any video while watching, then use VIP Mate to download the video instantly directly to your phone or tablet. By installing the app, it will show an icon beside the video which you can click to download that video without any hesitation. It is a free and fast tool. VIP Mate enables people to download videos, TV shows, music, songs and images from the video sharing as well social networks.

15. TrumpTube

TrumpTubeTrumpTube is another popular video downloader with more than 7 million downloads. It allows users to download videos with various resolutions. You can download low quality or high-quality videos by using different options comes with TrumTube. Just like other tools, it is also a free, fast and reliable application for quick and easy download of mp4 videos from all over the internet. No matter what the size is, it is capable of downloading large files without any interruption.

16. DownTube

Smartphone owners can now store their favorite videos on their local drive to watch them later. They can watch movies while traveling with their friends or at home without internet connectivity or mobile data usage. With DownTube, a free and perfect video downloader can help you to download unlimited videos from all over the internet. You can download non-stop videos from top video sharing sites like YouTube, DailyMotion and others.

More Resources Similar to VidMate on Google Play Store

Here’s the list of apps similar to VidMate you can use to download videos from online video hosting and streaming portals.

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