Pinterest Alternatives: Best Similar Sites & Apps

Pinterest Alternative Sites

With a modern interface and unique ideas, Pinterest is one of the most popular content discovery social networks in the world. It is also a powerful marketing tool for those who are looking for result oriented online platforms to market their products and services. So you can not only discover and share your favorite content such as photos and videos but also can promote your products.

Today, Pinterest is not the only photo sharing and ideas discovery network in the market. There are a variety of similar sites and apps like Pinterest you can use to discover great content over the internet.  Let’s find out the best sites and apps similar to Pinterest.

9 Cool Pinterest Alternative Sites and Apps You Can Explore

We Heart It

We Heart It

An image-based social network We Heart It is popular among teens and more than half users are under 22 years old. We Heart It lets people discover, collect, organize and share images and videos easily and quickly.  Following people is also very easy and you can follow people of your interest. The site is attractive young boys as well as young women because of its nice design and social phycology.

We Heart It, an image bookmarking and social networking site is popular among teenage girls. The mobile apps are available for Android phone and tablets, iPhone and iPad. You can download from Google Play Store and App Store for your devices. Visit Website


Dribbble Designer NetworkImage courtesy

Exclusively created for designers, Dribbble is another social network similar to Pinterest. If you are a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator or a photographer, then Dribbble is for you. Join the creative community and share your artwork with millions of imaginative people around the world.

With more than 470,000 users, it is the second largest designer network after Behance. You can not only showcase your work but also can sell your artwork. This is an invite-only community and you can not join Dribbble without your friend’s invitation. You can use Dribble on the web or download Android and iOS apps for your phone and tablet.


PearlTreesImage Courtesy 

The basic idea of PearlTrees is similar to Pinterest but it is a little bit different in term of board and pin model. They replace the board and pin with Pearls & trees. Pearltress lets user collect, organize content and create a personal library. You can also bookmark content from the internet to save by creating the “memory of the Web” which is another interesting feature. PearlTrees is an exclusive network so the content on the network is also rare and fashionable and we can say PearlTress is the collection of internet masterpieces. No doubt, PearlTrees is an exclusive alternative to Pinterest.

PearlTrees offers free as well as paid subscription plans. You can join the network for free. The premium plan starts from $3/month with a lot of advanced features such as big storage, offline mode and no ads. PearTrees is available for web users as well as Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox browsers.


FoodGawkerVisit website

A food-specific community, FoodGawker is another social network similar to Pinterest. The core objective of FoodGawker is to highlight high-quality visuals of new recipes, cooking techniques, and ingredients. You can find thousands of unique and delicious photographs of new recipes and food. There are a variety of fresh recipes organized under 30 different categories.

The website is very clean and user-friendly. Navigation includes different tabs such as Latest, All Time, Categories, Favorites, and Share. Join the community if you are looking for unique content hosted by thousands of exclusive food blogs around the world having millions of exclusive recipes.



Beautifully designed DudePins is another Pinterest alternative for men. You can see the popular pins on the home page. If you are looking for men only Pinterest, then try DudePins. Popular categories include art design, cars rides, fitness, food drinks, funny stuff and man caves. Visit trending posts, videos and shop by clicking the navigation links located at the top of the page. The app is available for web users as well as iOS platform.



If you are looking to improve your house through DIY, then Hometalk is a perfect Pinterest alternative. There are tons of unique ideas to makeover your house. More than 90,000 tutorials organized in different categories including doors, floors, kitchen design, gardening, and bedroom ideas. The site is attractive because of DIY projects and high-quality pictures of the interior design. You can also submit your own DIY projects and share your ideas with millions of people around the globe. Hometalk is one of the best Pinterest like network, however, you can explore Houzz, another home decor site, Gawker or Dwelling for more ideas.

Hometalk is available for web users but Houzz apps are available for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.


Fancy Site Like PinterestImage courtesy

An e-commerce social networking platform, Fancy offers thousands of unique and fancy products organized under different categories. The layout of the site is similar to Pinterest. The main purpose of the site is to sell cool products by engaging people socially through image feed and social sharing features. You can discover and buy amazing stuff easily and quickly listed by other Fancy members. You can also explore Estay, another Pinterest style e-commerce platform to buy or sell your cool stuff over the internet.

Joining the site is also very easy. Fancy offers different ways to sign up to create your new account. You can join the site simply using your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus login information or using your email address. Fancy is also available for Web and iOS users.

Enhance your digital visual experience with these amazing similar sites. The style of displaying visuals, products, and services is inspired by Pinterest. Explore sites and apps listed above which are great Pinterest alternatives. Please share your views about this guide in the comments section.

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