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Snapchat for iPad

Using Snapchat on iPad is a fun. iPad offers bigger display so you don’t have to zoom in and zoom out every time you view a snap. You may have seen mainly third-party apps claiming to allow you use your Snapchat account. But the problem with using those third-party apps is that your social media login information may be compromised.

You surely would not like to share your Snapchat account login information with anyone in the world. This is why you better avoid using those third-party apps. There is a way you can follow to use Snapchat on your iPad. Following this method, you will be able to enjoy using Snapchat on your iPad.

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Why Use Snapchat on iPad?

How long have you been using Snapchat on your smartphone? Have you ever thought about using Snapchat on your iPad? You can imagine what it would like using Snapchat on a bigger screen. Snapchat is a popular app and using your favorite app on iPad will be a fun. Following are the reasons why you should use Snapchat on iPad.

  • Send as well as receive Snaps to your friends and family members. In addition, you make use of the front and rear camera of your iPad.
  • View snaps and replies with text messages.
  • Try using the new SnapCash feature. Using this feature you can send money to anyone who uses the same feature.
  • You can also check Snapchat profile of your friends to check their high score.
  • Now you can view Snaps from your favorite channels like ESPN, Comedy Central etc thanks to the new Snapchat Discover feature.

Make sure that you have one of the following iPads

  • iPad 1 – 4
  • iPad Mini 1 and 2
  • Latest version of iOS

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Getting Snapchat for iPad

Some people complain about the small size of the app when they use it on iPad. When you use Snapchat on iPad, you will see 2x at the bottom right side touching which will fit the app to the display. You can guess that 2x means two times. In other words touching 2x makes pixels two times big as a result of which screen resolution will decrease. Now it is up to you if you want big images or higher resolution.

  • Unlock your iPad and go to the App Store.
  • If you previously purchased iPad from the App Store then tap the Purchased button. There you can find the apps you have already purchased. If you find Snapchat listed in the purchased section then you don’t need to purchase the app again.
  • In the Purchased section, you will see “iPad Apps” at the upper right side. It means that currently iPad apps are displayed.
  • If you want to see iPad apps you have purchased then touch iPad apps and choose iPhone apps. Now you will the apps you have purchased from the App Store to be used on iPhone.
  • See if you can find Snapchat in the list of the iPhone apps you downloaded previously.

If you don’t find Snapchat in your purchased items then read the following

  • Access the App Store from your iPad. You will login using your Apple ID account.
  • Touch the Featured button located at the bottom. And then, use the search at the upper right side to search Snapchat.
  • Snapchat will not show in the results because you are searching under iPad Only apps. Touch iPad Only and select iPhone Only. Now you will see Snapchat displayed in the search results. iPhone apps are meant to be run on iPhone only. Apps developed for iPad have higher resolutions. But still, we can use iPhone apps on iPad.

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