Spotify Online Web Player Stopped Working? How to Fix?

Spotify Not Working Fixed

Spotify is the favorite music app of many. There is no doubt that Spotify has achieved massive success in a very short period of time. Spotify users often face a problem when it suddenly stops working. We know how you feel when you favorite music app stops working without any good reason. In this article, we will give you some useful tips using which you will be able to fix the error you are experiencing.

A few years back Spotify started as a small application and it was only available in limited countries of Europe. And then it became available in the United States and it was then when people Spotify started getting popularity. Now the app is available for multiple devices including mobile, desktop or laptop computer, Windows, Mac and video game console.

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The Role of Web Browsers

You can access Spotify through any Web browser. Spotify allows you create playlists, save radio stations, albums and artists and you can access this information in your Web browser. The problem comes when Spotify stops working without any reason. And you don’t know what to do. The first thing we need to do is identifying the error. You need to answer a question, what your browser does when access Spotify. The Web browser, you are using will give one of the following two errors.

  • Cannot connect to Spotify
  • Spotify does not load

Cannot Connect to Spotify

It is difficult to say what exactly the cause of the problem you are facing is. There can be more than one problem causing this error.

  • Load other websites: Try to access other websites from your browser. If other websites do not load it means there is a problem with your Internet connection. Sometimes the problem comes from your ISP. Restarting your modem or wireless router often helps. After restarting, try accessing Spotify again. If you experience the same error then you better contact your Internet Service Provider.
  • Cannot access Spotify only: Some users say that they can access other websites but they cannot access Spotify. If that is the case then our next question is how you are using a public Wi-Fi. If yes then there are chances that a firewall is stopping you from accessing Spotify.
  • There are some websites we access on regular basis. Some computers can access addresses and some web elements from those sites to give us better Internet service. But it may cause problems when your computer cache bad data. The solution of this problem is “Flushing the DNS”. It will help you get rid of the problem.

Spotify Does not Load

If Spotify does not load then try the following options.

  • Delete Cookies

The process of deleting cookies varies from browser to browser. But you don’t have to worry about it because you can find this option in your browser easily. Cookies often cause problems and do not let you do the thing you want to do. So try deleting cookies.

  • Try a Different Browser.

You can try using a different browser. There are plenty of browsers you can choose from such as Google, Opera etc. Some users have found this tip very helpful. They say that they were able to access Spotify from a different browser.

  • Update Browser

Sometimes when our browser is not up to date then we face such problems. So make sure that your browser is up to date and then try to access Spotify. It is very common for the outdated browser to cause such problems. Web applications like Spotify are very popular among people of all ages. Spotify is regularly updated to give you the best experience. Using an updated browser to access Spotify and you will not face any problem.

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