Sync Google Calendar, Outlook and iPhone Calendar

Sync Google Calendar

What would be your reaction if you are told that you can sync your Outlook calendar with Google Calendar and your iPhone? You must be surprised to hear that. Yes, there is a way to do that. Once it is done then whatever you enter in Outlook will also reflect in your Gmail and iPhone calendars. Isn’t it amazing? Entering an appointment or deleting an appointment will also reflect in your Gmail and iPhone.

How to Sync Google Calendar, Outlook, and iPhone Calendar

Following is the step by step procedure to your Outlook calendar with Google Calendar and your iPhone. Make sure that you follow the given instructions correctly.

  • First of all, you need to be sure that iCal40L is installed
  • Launch iCal40L
  • Now go to the “Who” tab
  • Below “CalDAV Autoconfiguration for” click “Other”
  • Below “Server: replacing” you will enter “[email address]/user”

Remember here [email address] is your Gmail address. If your Gmail address is [email protected] then you will enter the above-mentioned address as “[email protected]/user”

  • Below “Login” you will enter your full Gmail email address
  • Below “Password” you will enter your full Gmail or Google Calendar password.
  • Next, you will click “Retrieve configuration from server and save it”
  • For each calendar on Google Calendar
  • Below “Outlook” you simply have to select the calendar in Outlook with which you need to sync the Google Calendar.
  • In Outlook creating and using a new calendar is easy
  • First click New
  • Below “Add new Outlook Folder” enter the calendar with which you want to sync
  • Click “Ok”
  • iCal40L will use data folder of your Outlook.
  • Verify that below “Synchronization/Simulation” “Down” and “Up” are checked
  • Below “Reminders” check “Reminders”
  • Click “Save”
  • Click “Save Again”
  • Navigate to the “Run” tab
  • Click “Start Synchronization”
  • Next, you will click the “Play” button
  • Starting a synchronization run is easy. You can do it anytime.
  • Use the right mouse button to click the iCal40L system tray icon
  • From the menu choose “Run Now”
  • Users can use Google Apps Sync if they use a Google Apps for Business account
  • First of all you have to download and install Google Apps Sync
  • Below “Email” you need to enter the email address linked to your Google Calendar account
  • Below “Password” you will enter your “Google Calendar” password
  • Verify that Below “Sync Options” 2-way is selected
  • Below “every ___minutes” you can choose for automatic synchronization
  • Click “Save”

iPhone/iPod touch running iPhone Calendar

  • On the “Home” screen, touch “Settings”
  • Navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Choose “Other”
  • Below “Calendars” you need to touch “Add CalDAV Account”
  • Below “Server” you need to enter[email address]/user

  • Below “User Name” you will enter the email address you use in order to access Google Calendar
  • Now type your Google Calendar password below “Password” you will
  • Below “Description”, touch “Google Calendar”
  • Touch “Next”.

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