Take a Screenshots on Android Phone

Screenshot Android Phone

There are many occasions when we need to take a screenshot of something to share with someone like friends. Sometimes support team wants us to send them a screenshot of your phone so that they may have a better idea what is going on with your phone.

Do you know that there are built-in ways to take a screenshot on your Android device? In addition, there are also third-party apps which you can use to take screenshots on your android phone or tablet. You can download the screenshot apps from the Google Play Store.

It was Android 4.0 when Google first introduced the screenshot taking feature. Those who have Android 4.0 can take a screenshot of their device by simply pressing the power button and the volume down button together. In the beginning, you may find this method difficult but if you keep practicing you will learn the trick.

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You just have held the buttons longer than a second together otherwise it will turn off your phone’s screen or lower the volume. You should hear a click if the screenshot is taken successfully.

How to Save an Image of your Android Screen

Question: How do I take a screenshot on my Android?

There are three easy ways to take a screenshot and save the image for troubleshooting or sent to someone’s to share your screen’s situation.

1. Built-in Shortcuts of Your Phone

There are some phones which have the built-in screenshot taking features. And these shortcuts are different for different devices. For instance, if we talk about Samsung phones, you can take a screenshot by simply pressing the power and home button simultaneously. The screenshot you take is stored in your Gallery. If you don’t know whether your phone has a screenshot tool, you can Google it.

Don’t want to use built-in screenshots? Ok, then you can use apps which are developed to take perfect screenshots. Those who have Samsung phones and tablets can use Screen Capture Shortcut Free which is a very good app for taking screenshots. If you have a phone or tablet other than Samsung’s then you can simply search on the Play Store with the name of your device like ‘screenshot for LG’.

2. Installing an App for Screenshots

There are also Android apps which you can install on your phone and these apps do not require rooting your device. There is an app named ‘No Root Screenshot It’ which, as you can guess, does not require root. The app will cost you $5. If you want to check the features of the app then go for the free trial. If you like the app then you can consider buying it. In case your device is rooted then you can use a custom ROM. We are recommending this because it has ‘capture screenshot’ option which you can use by long pressing the power button.

On the other hand, there are plenty of apps which you can use to take screenshots such as ‘aScreenshot’ and ‘AirDroid’. The later wirelessly manages your Android device as well as allows you take screenshots of your Android phone or tablet wirelessly. The best feature of the app is that you can use an Internet browser to control your device.

3. Android SDK

Android SDK is a software development kit. The Android platform allows developers to create apps for Google Play Store. Developers create apps using a software development kit. They also use SDK to test the apps they develop. Google has made SDK available for free. Now what you need is Java SE Development Kit, Android SDK, and USB drivers. Next, you will plug-in your phone, run the DDMS.BAT file, and then click on Device → Screen Capture in the DDM menu. It is a different way of taking screenshots but not a difficult one.

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