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A few years back it was difficult to connect with other people. There were smartphones but phones only help if you know the contact number of the person you want to talk to. The social networking sites like Facebook took the world by storm. Tinder is a famous social networking site as well as a dating site. It is a kind of app using which you can connect with people very easily. In fact, now you can connect to someone in the other part of the world, thanks to the latest update.

We can say that now finding people with same interests as ours is relatively easy if use apps like Tinder. There are millions of people using the app around the world and every day thousands of people join Tinder. You can get the app on your Android or iOS devices. The official website of Tinder can be accessed by navigating to Soon Tinder online will also be available. Currently, Tinder online is being tested in countries like Sweden, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina etc.

If you are looking for apps like Tinder, then read this comprehensive guide to use Tinder alternatives.

Features of Tinder

Following are the main features of Tinder.

Swipe: Tinder is all about Swiping. You either Swipe left or right. It is frequently referred to as ‘swipe’. It is the swipe which shows if you like someone or not. When you like a picture you swipe right, and you swipe left in case you don’t like the picture.

Instagram and Spotify Integration:  Tinder lets you connect your Instagram and Spotify accounts. This is also a way to show others your pictures and tell them about the kind of music you love.

Login with Facebook: Tinder lets you login with Facebook. It uses your Facebook and Spotify profiles.

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Tinder Login Step by Step

You have signed up on Tinder if you want to login. First, read the following instructions to download the app.

  • Android and iOS users can download the app from the Google Play Store and iOS Store respectively.
  • Simply search the app on the Play Store and click the download button and it will start downloading.
  • Wait for the downloading to complete and when it does read the following.

Login Instructions

  • Sign up on Tinder if you previously didn’t.
  • You can sign up online at There you will click on Sign Up button on the upper right side.
  • Provide the required information like email address, password, and then confirm your password by re-entering it.
  • Next, you will provide your date of birth. Resolve Captcha code.
  • You have a registered account now. You can login with your Facebook account now.

This was all about the login procedure of Tinder, the world’s favorite social networking app.

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