Best Free iPod Touch and iPhone Texting Apps

iPod Touch iPhone Texting Apps

Text messaging is still the most trendy communication practice among all others. It is an easy, fast and cost-effective way to stay in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world.

There are so many texting apps out there and even, iPhone has its own built-in messaging app. However, In some situations, you may need to use texting apps other than iPhone default app.

Choosing the right app for your iPhone or iPod is not tortuous. The App Store has a bunch of great free messaging apps which you can use for seamless communication. Some of the popular apps are BBM, Facebook Messenger, KimText, TextNow, textPlus, and others.

Almost 96% apps are free, however, they contain ads. You can spend few dollars to remove those advertisement banners. If you have an iPod touch, then connect to Wi-Fi network to use these texting apps.

In this educational guide, I will show you seven best texting apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Using these apps, you can easily send SMS text messages easily and quickly without spending a dime.

1. textPlus

Developed by: textPlus, Inc.
Price: Free (In-App Purchase) Get it on App Store

textPlusAccording to a research, texting is the most popular means of communication today. And using a secure messaging app is icing on the cake. With textPlus, You can send hundreds of thousands of text messages on iPhone or iPod Touch without spending a dime.

Sending a message to a group is possible with textPlus. With more than 65 million downloads, textPlus has got a 4.1 rating on the App Store. The app contains ads but you can remove them by purchasing its ads-free version. TextPlus uses push notifications, so no chance to miss any message.

It also offers a free US phone number works on Wi-Fi or mobile data. Not only this but you can also make voice calls anywhere in the world with its low-priced voice phone call packages.

Notable Features

Here’s a list of textPlus important features.

  • textPlus offers a free US number, so anybody can call your or send text message without any cost
  • Group chat with your friends or family, send text messages or MMS to any US or Canadian mobile number.
  • Free instant messages or voice calls textPlus to textPlus
  • Low-cost international calls
  • Make high definition video calls over Wi-Fi

2. BBM

Developed by: BlackBerry Limited
Price: Free (In-App Purchase) Get it on App Store

BBM Blackberry Messenger The Blackberry Messenger, BBM is also another wonderful app that you can install for sending free text SMS messages. Initially, only Blackberry devices support BBM, but now it is available for iOS and Android too.

The free texting app BBM offers a variety of useful features including, users can see if their friends had read the message and real-time typing can also be viewed while chatting.The app is perfect for seamless text messaging but unfortunately, you can make video calls because it cannot offers this feature.

A sign up is must in order to use the BlackBerry Messenger. To create your account, just fill the form by providing your name and email address. If you already have an account, then sign in to start using the app.

Notable Features

Here’s a list of textPlus significant features.

  • BBM to BBM free voice and video calls
  • Group chat
  • Send beautiful colorful stickers and emotions
  • Broadcast voice or video message to all members at once
  • Share videos, documents, and voice notes
  • Find content such as videos, latest news, stickers, and a variety of other things with Discover BBM
  • Keep your phone number private by showing PIN instead of phone number
  • Subscribe to BBM channels or create your own channels

BBM Messenger

3. Facebook Messenger

Developed by: Facebook, Inc.
Price: Free Get it on App Store

Facebook MessengerBasically, it is not a pure texting app however, you can use this app to send instant messages. With more than 969 million active users, it is one of the best messengers in the world.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger are two different apps available on iTunes. Basically, you can download this app without having the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPod touch. It lets people use instant messaging features such as live chat, text messages, photos and videos over the service.

Almost every online user has an account on Facebook. So it is the most convenient way to send Facebook Messages on the go. Instead of searching and downloading different apps, you can use this app to send instant messages to your friend or family member.

Notable Features

  • Just like textPlus and BBM, Facebook Messenger can also be used to send free text messages to your friends and family anywhere in the world
  • Besides texting, There are a variety of other options to keep in touch with your mates
  • Amazing stickers and unique emotions
  • Real-time group chat and group video conferencing
  • Play amazing games with your friends in the chat

Facebook Messenger Texting

4. TextNow

Developed by: Enflick, Inc.
Price: Free Get it on App Store

TextNow Send Free Text MessagesTextNow is another app similar to other apps in this article. Just like textPlus, it also offers a free phone number along with your account. The app is free, however, it contains ads which you can remove with in-app purchase.

It could be more enjoyable when you add some customized stuff to your chat. And TextNow offers a variety of customization. For example, you can add photos and beautiful wallpapers, and even share number on social media including Twitter and Facebook easily without spending a penny.

Voice calling is also possible and you have to buy some credits to enable that feature. On the whole, it is perfect texting app for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Notable Features

  • Offers free texting, voice and video calls, audio and video messages, photos, and notes sharing and much more
  • International voice calling facility
  • Personal phone number
  • Make free calls to U.S or Canada phone numbers
  • Make international calls with minimal price plans
  • A cost-effective alternative to the carrier based texting

TextNow iPhone iPod Touch

5. Textfree Unlimited

Developed by: Pinger, Inc.
Price: Free Get it on App Store

Textfree UnlimitedMost of the apps in this list offer a free phone number that you can share with your friends and TextFree Unlimited is one of them. It is free, contain ads, however, you can remove with in-app purchase. TextFree requires a Wi-Fi internet connection to send unlimited text messages to cell phone numbers without any cost.

Receiving voice calls is free, however, if you want to make outgoing calls, then you have to buy minutes. Push notification is another amazing feature, so you never miss a text because it will show the message on your mobile’s home screen.

You can create an account on TextPlus easily and quickly by providing the required information like your name, email, or phone number. The app is user-friendly and nicely designed. Sending and receiving text is easy. Here’s list of its important features.

Notable Features

  • Send and receive free unlimited text messages
  • Offers a free U.S based phone number
  • Supports push notification
  • Pick your area code for free
  • Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Text Free

6. TextMe!

Developed by: TextMe, Inc.
Price: Free Get it on App Store

TextMeLast but not least, TextMe lets iPhone and iPod Touch users send text messages. Not only this, but they can also make voice and video calls, share photos and videos to other TextMe users. Moreover, send unlimited voice and photo messages to any U.S, Canadian, and 35+ cell phone numbers without spending a dime.

Notable Features

  • With this amazing app, you can send hundreds of thousands of SMS text messages to any number in the US, Canada and a lot of other countries for free
  • TextMe is a great app that you can use to make calls to any numbers in the United States, Canada to 150+ countries around the globe
  • TextMe to TextMe free audio and video calls over the Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Sending big files such as documents and, photos are not a big deal
  • Supports group texting. Share videos, photos, text messages with a group of TextMe members anytime.

What is your favorite iPhone/iPod Touch texting app?

There are a bunch of free SMS text messages apps on the App Store that you can install on iOS devices including iPhone, iTouch, iPad and iPod Touch. Which one is your favorite iPhone texting app? Please share your views in the comments.

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