How to Trace a Withheld Phone Number

Trace Withheld Phone Number

Have you ever called someone and the number you called shows up as “unavailable” or “restricted”? It must be a frustrating experience, isn’t it? There is a way to deal such a situation which you should use especially if that number has become a source of pain in your life. You can choose to activate a block for unknown callers through your telephone service provider. In this way, the caller will be forced to call you on an identifiable number. There are options available if you are thinking about tracing the number.

Trace Withheld Phone Number

  • You are required to immediately dial *57# after hanging up the receiver. There will be an electronic voice giving you instruction on how to trace the number. If you have succeeded in tracing the annoying number of consecutive three times, you can contact the annoyance call bureau of your service provider to report the number.
  • Launch your internet browser, enter “anonymous call tracing” into your Internet browser. You will see a number of products in the search results that can help you locate and trace anonymous numbers and most of them do it for free.
  • Now go to your local police station and fill out a complaint form. There are some service providers that ask you to perform this step before they will investigate the annoying caller. Provide whatever information you have to the police such as time of the calls, what the caller said etc.

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