What is Uber Emergency Phone Number?

Uber Emergency Phone Number

Looking for Uber emergency phone number? Most of the people who use say that there is no emergency phone number. It is difficult to believe that there is no emergency phone number because Uber is the world’s favorite cab service. And it cares about its customers a lot.

Uber generated more than six billion dollars in 2016 and it is because of people like you who made it what it is today. So Uber will never let your complaints go unattended. Call 800-353-8237 in case of an emergency. Learn how to contact Uber customer service.

Contact Uber in Case of Emergency

Here is the emergency phone number of Uber taxi car service

800-353-UBER (8237)

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Currently, the number you see above is only available in a limited number of cities. According to the sources close to the company, the emergency phone number will be available for the rest of the cities soon. If you dial the Uber emergency phone number given above then you can talk to a live customer service representative. When you dial the number, you may get the long answering machine messages. It may take some time but your call will be answered.

You must have heard about a Kalmazoo Uber driver who killed six people in 2016. Kalmazoo was not one of the twenty-two cities in which Uber has offered an emergency phone number.  There are some countries like India where Uber uses a panic button but in the United States Uber still, uses 911 as a panic button. And Uber has no plans to replace it with anything else.

People are used to using 911 for emergencies. According to Uber the emergency number 800-353-8237 is not a panic button. So Uber calls it ‘Critical Safety Response Line’. You must be wondering when you should call 911. Well, you should call 911 when you need immediate police or medical attention.

You should only use Uber emergency number or Critical Safety Response Line when there is some kind of safety or security issue.

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