How to Unlock a Blackberry Phone

Unlock Blackberry Phone

Imagine, what happens when you are traveling with worthless rocks in your pocket or language. Similarly, it could be more frustrated when you have an expensive phone but isn’t unlocked for local carriers. It is worthless just like the rubbish rock. Usually, we can get unlock codes from the carrier or from a third party. In this guide, we will educate you how to unlock a Blackberry phone easily and quickly with step by step tutorial.

How to Get Unlock Code

To find your Blackberry unlock codes, follow these simple steps.

1. Find IMEI Number

First of all, you need to discover your Blackberry’s IMEI number. Now the question is that what is actually IMEI number. It is basically, a unique identifier number required to get unlock code. Now learn how to find your IMEI number.


  • Blackberry 10 users can get the IMEI number easily by following these steps. Go to Settings, and then Advanced. Click Hardware form the drop-down. Your IMEI number will appear in the window.
  • For Blackberry 6 and 7, Go to Options, now tap Device, Tap device and status information to view the IMEI.
  • If you have Blackberry 5 or earlier versions, then click Options, select status to find IMEI number.

2. Contact the carrier

It is the responsibility of your carrier to unlock your phone. So contact your career and provide the required information. If you have already cleared all pending payments, then definitely you will be entertained unlocking codes.

3. Third Party Unlocking Services

Another way to unlock your blackberry is to contact the private unlocking service. Contacting the third party is more convenient if you don’t have access to your career. Please keep in mind that the third party will charge you to unlock your phone.

  • Perform a search on Google to find a reliable third-party service. Read reviews and comments posted by their customers. You can also use Yelp, the world’s largest business directory having billions of customer reviews for melon of businesses around the globe.
  • Provide your IMEI number in order to find your unlock codes
  • It could take maximum two or three days to receive your code from the private company.

How to Find an unlocking service provider on

Yelp Search Unlock Phone

To find a perfect third-party service to unlock your Blackberry phone on, just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to
  • Enter “Unlock Phone” keyword in the “Find” text field
  • Enter your location, city or area in the “Near” text field and press search button
  • A list of local service providers will appear.

It is recommended to read customer reviews and price before going to finalize any service provider.

Unlocking the BlackBerry Phone

1. BlackBerry 10 Devices

Unlock Blackberry 10

If you have a Blackberry 10, the unlocking is very simple. Just go to Settings and select Security and Privacy. Now Select SIM Card and then click the Unlock Phone button located at the bottom of the screen. Finally, enter your code and press OK.

2. Blackberry 7 Devices

BlackBerry 7 users can unlock their phone by following these steps. Please make sure to turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile internet before starting the procedure.

  • First off, Go to SIM Card menu located in the Options, select device and then Advanced System Settings and click SIM Card.
  • In the SIM Card menu, just type “MEPD”. It will bring another menu. Now type “MEPPD”
  • Try “MEP[Alt]2” and “MEP[Alt]4”. Make sure to hold down the ALT key to enable typing numbers. If you have 71xx, 81xx, or 91xx model then type “MEPP[Alt]2” or “MEPP[Alt]4”.
  • Finally, enter unlock code. congratulations, you have finished the process. Now insert your new SIM in your Blackberry phone and enable your network connection.

3. Blackberry 6 Devices

If you have Blackberry 6 phone, then follow these steps.

First off, remove your old SIM card and insert new network SIM card. Now turn on the phone power and enter the unlock code.

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