How to Use AppLock: Review and Guide

AppLock Review

AppLock is a popular app people use to lock individual apps. If you are suing AppLock then you can be sure that your personal data is safe and secure. AppLock allows you create a password or set lock pattern which you will have to input to open the app you have locked. This is a widely used app for such purposes. AppLock protects your apps but what if someone uninstalls AppLock in order to access the apps you locked. Many of you must not have thought about it.

Why AppLock?

Your phone has an initial lock which you unlock to use any function of your phone. The initial lock also protects your apps and data but using a specialized app like AppLock goes one step ahead. AppLock allows you choose which apps you want to protect. Following are reasons why people prefer AppLock over the initial lock.

  • Initial lock protects your whole phone but most of us protect a couple of apps. So you can use AppLock to protect those few apps and the rest of the features will be accessible.
  • If your friends find your phone they can use other feature but they cannot access the apps or functions protected by AppLock.
  • You can use AppLock to make sure that your private data like videos, photos and secret documents are safe and secure.
  • AppLock can make sure that no one accesses your private folders and apps.

What You Can Protect

You can password protect almost everything on your device. So, AppLock is not only used to protect your apps. Now we will show you what you can protect using the AppLock.

  • You can use AppLock to protect almost any app on your phone. Apps protected by AppLock will require you to enter a password when you need to use them. And the rest of the apps will remain accessible just like they were before you installed AppLock.
  • Sometimes we hand over the phone to kids and later we discover that they bought some useless apps from the Google Play Store. You can avoid this situation by protecting the Google Play Store with AppLock.
  • Protect your mail apps like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook etc.
  • We send many text messages to our contacts. And sometimes the nature of the content in the messages is sensitive. So protect your messages with AppLock.
  • The settings app of your device is a very important app. You can protect your Settings app to make sure that no one makes any kind of changes.
  • You can also protect pictures and videos on your phone.
  • AppLock allows you control your incoming calls. If your incoming calls are protected by AppLock then will have to enter the password before you answer the call.

Using AppLock

People often ask how to set up AppLock. Well, AppLock is just like any other app and you can set it up just like you set up any other app. AppLock will not take long to install. After installation, you will be prompted to create a password. Once you enter a password you will be asked to enter the password again.  Next, you will see a list of apps you can lock. You just have to check the app you want to lock. For instance, you want to lock your texting app, camera, and social media apps. You just have to check them.

There you will also find ‘Advanced’ option which you can use to lock Google Play Store, Settings and incoming calls. You can see the photos and video vault options at the top of the screen where you can keep your photos and videos away from prying eyes. You will have to open the vault in the AppLock whenever you want to view the photos and video you placed there. The app locks automatically when you don’t use the app for some time. By default the app auto locks after five seconds. You can change this time from AppLock settings.

Finally, how you will protect the LockApp. There are a few tips you will find helpful. The first thing you should do is lock Settings so that no one goes there to uninstall the app. You can also hide the AppLock icon on your phone. AppLock allows you do that.

AppLock is one of the best apps you can find to protect your private data on your phone. The app has been downloaded by millions of people around the world and they are satisfied with it. Get AppLock for Android from Google Play Store.

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