How to Use Google for a Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Number Search Google

Received a phone call from a number unknown to you? And now you want to know who the caller was. Well, there is a way to find it out. Actually, it is a very effective technique known as a reverse phone number. People around the world use it to find out who the caller was.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup is used to track a phone number. You must be curious to know how it works. Well, the answer is very simple. You simply have to enter the phone number in a search engine or directory and then see the results associated with the phone number you entered.

You can find countless ways to lookup a phone number on the Internet. But this particular article is about using Google for a reverse phone lookup.

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Using Google for a Reverse Phone Lookup

A few years back people were able to use the search engine giant Google’s phonebook search operator in order to do a reverse phone lookup. But the problem is that this feature is no more available. Basically, Google’s phonebook search operator made people searchable online which not acceptable for many. So in November 2010, Google decided to shut down the phonebook operator.

But there is a way we can use Google to do a reverse phone lookup.

  • Open Google and enter the complete phone number you want to reverse lookup into the search bar. Press Enter.
  • You will see search results on your screen. You will see that the phone number you entered is listed at a number of different phone directories.
  • If the number you entered is associated with a business then you will find the number in top search results.
  • You will not see any information about the address if the number you want to reverse lookup is not associated with a business but a private household. Do you see the number listed on some other sites like social networking sites? If yes then there are chances that you have found what you came looking for. There are also people search sites that you can use.

Using Google to find Address and Phone Number

  • You need to type in full name and zip code of the person like “Michael Steve 96202”
  • You should see information like a name, phone number, address and a Google map showing directions to the residence. Remember not every person is searchable on Google because some people don’t want them to be searchable online.

Removing Yourself from Google Phone Directory

As stated earlier that in November 2010 the search engine giant shut down phone book search operator. But still, they allow you to remove your information from their directory. You simply have to go to the Google Phonebook Name Removal page if you want to remove your information.

Finding a Phone Number Using Google

Some people find success using Google but there are also people who don’t this method useful. Well, this is not a hundred percent perfect technique to find a phone number. The number which is not listed or number which originates from a mobile phone cannot be found online. You don’t have to pay for this information.

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