Using Filters to Have AIM Mail or AOL Mail


You receive all kinds of emails and notification in your AIM Mail. Some emails are of urgent nature and there are some other emails which can wait a week or so. The problem is all those emails and messages are in one folder. You can easily identify a particular message by the sender but still, it is not something easy to do especially when you receive hundreds of emails every day.

But the good news is that there is a way out. You don’t have to go through the list manually. There is a way in AIM Mail or AOL Mail to move your messages from Inbox to a folder specified by you.

Have AIM Mail or AOL Mail File Mail Using Filters

Following is the step by step guide to using filter to have AIM Mail or AOL Mail

  • Access AIM Mail or AOL Mail home screen and click Settings.
  • Now go to the Filters category
  • Click New Filter.
  • You need to type the filter name of your own choice such as “From about email to archive”
  • Next, you need to define the criteria for which to look.
  • From: mail from a sender
  • To: mail you sent to an address.
  • Subject: you can search mail having a certain word in the Subject line.
  • Cc: mails having a certain recipient
  • Bcc: you can search mails where you are not a direct recipient.
  • Message body contains: a word in message body.
  • Below “Then move to” you have to choose the folder you want your mails moved to.
  • Click “Save”.

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