Check or View a DHCP Table on a Router

Check DHCP Table on Router

DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol. There are many routers offering this service. Each computer that boots on the network is assigned an address. In this way network administrators can easily assign addresses and you as a user just need to boot the machine without requiring the administrator to edit the computer’s settings. The administrator uses the Windows command prompt to view the routing table from any computer on the network.

3 Steps to View DHCP Table on Router

  • Open “Run” program in the window. Type “cmd” in the text field and press “Ok” button to open the Windows command prompt.
  • You should be seeing command prompt screen on your computer. Type “router print” and hit the “Enter” button. You will see a number of IP addresses and router data displayed on the screen.
  • You need to have a look at the data listed below “Router Table.” You will see IP addresses and network card interfaces listed.

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