List of Popular Alternatives to VLC Media Player: Similar Apps & Software

VLC Alternatives

Try these perfect alternatives to VLC media player and enjoy movies and your favorite music anytime. VLC is a popular, open source, and top of all a free multimedia player. You can play all types of known media files, DVDs, CDs and VCDs on VLC. Many of you may already be using the free multimedia player. So it is very unlikely that someone says he never used or heard about VLC before in his life. VLC, the world’s favorite multimedia players, was first released in 2001 by developers VideoLAN.

There are many features that make VLS a popular media player. It is a cross-platform media player available for Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux etc. VLC is a simple, fast and powerful media player. It plays almost everything such as files, discs, webcams, devices, and streams. VLC is available for free and you just have to download and install it on your system. Those who are using mobile devices can download the VLC app from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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It looks like VLC is there since ages. But now there are other multimedia players which have started challenging the positions VLC has been enjoying for so many years.

Top 5 VLC Alternative Media Players

Below we have talked about some multimedia players which can give VLC a tough competition. For the comprehensive list of VLC alternatives for Windows, Android, and iOS, please visit the bottom content of the article.

Real Player

RealPlayerReal Player was first released in 1995. Yes, six years before VLC was launched. Previously Real Player was known as RealAudio Player and RealOne Player. If you are not using VLC for some reasons then you must give Real Player a try. It is a cross-platform player available for Windows, OS X, Android and Windows Mobile. It supports multiple file formats like MP3, MP4, and Windows Media format etc. Real Player is free and available in multiple languages.

KM Player

KM PlayerNext media player we are going to talk about is KM Player. If you are looking for a lightweight media player for Windows then we recommend you KM Player. It is a lightweight but fast media player and will run smoothly even on older versions of Windows. For Windows users, it is known as an alternative to VLC because it can play a wide variety of formats such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, 3gp, QuickTime, FLV, Real Media and much more. KM player was developed by Pandora TV in 2002. The media player is available in multiple languages.

BS Player

BS PlayerThere are users who think that BS Player is way better than VLC. BS Player has a lot of features which many other multimedia players lack. It supports a variety of file formats. It auto loads subtitles and you can adjust them as you feel appropriate. There are not many media players that let you adjust subtitles. You can also change the language while watching the movie. BS Player allows you program hotkeys for your frequently used features. Customization is another highlight feature of BS Player.

GOM Player

GOM PlayerGOM Player is a multimedia player developed by South Korean company Gretech Corporation. It can even play some broken media files. GOM Player is compatible with most of the Windows versions such as Windows 7/XP/Vista/8. Make sure that you read everything during the installation and check and uncheck wherever necessary because GOM Player comes with some extra programs bundled in. GOM Player can play most of the video formats without any problem. It has built-in search tools. If GOM Player cannot play certain video format because of missing codecs then it will use Codec finder service making your life easy. The media player is available in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Korean and Russian.

DivX Player

DivX Media Player Similar to VLCDivX Player is another fantastic media player application offers HEVC playback Ultra Hd 4k to play high-quality videos. This is not only a media player but also offers online movies, TV shows and popular video clips from the internet. It supports popular media formats such as AVI, DIVX, MP4, MIKV and more. This application is available only for Windows PC computers.

Best VLC Alternatives for Windows PC

  1. XBMC Media Center
  2. ‎RealPlayer
  3. KMPlayer
  4. UMPlayer
  5. DivX
  6. BS.Player
  7. GOM Player
  8. SMPlayer

Top Media Players Similar to VLC for Mac

  1. MPlayerX
  2. Movist
  3. QuickTime Player
  4. DivX

Best Apps Like VLC Media Player for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

  1. iMedia Player
  2. Titan Player
  3. ‎Infuse 3
  4. ‎OPlayer Lite

Favorite VLC Alternatives for Android

  1. ‎MX Player
  2. BS Player
  3. GPlayer
  4. Dice Player

So choose any media player from the alternative VLC similar media players list and watch your favorite movies and play audio file easily and quickly.

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