Voice Changer: 7 Best Free Android Apps

Best Voice Changer Android

Learn how to get the most out of your Android phone when you are bored. In some situations, you may need to use voice changer apps. No matter what the purpose is, your smartphone is a perfect gizmo for creating that kind of audio.

There are some great apps on Google Play Store that can change your voice in a variety of ways. In this educational guide, we will show you the list of best voice changers for your Android phone and tablet.

Girl Voice ChangerWoman Voice Changer
Best Male to Female Girl Voice Changer Android Apps

1. Best Voice Changer

Created by: MeiHillMan
Price: Free – Get it on Google Play

Best Voice Changer

Making fun of friends is an art but with this amazing voice changer, you can add some spice to your boring routine. With more than five million downloads, Best Voice Change is one of the top voice changer app available for free on Google Play Store. The app is awesome in term of features. It offers a nice variety of voice effects including a robot, kid, female, cave, bathroom, driving, and others. You can not only record a new voice but also choose an existing audio to change by Appling filters.

Android Voice Changer

2. Voice Changer by Androbaby

Created by: Androbaby
Price: Free – Get it on Google Play

Androbaby Voice ChangerAnother finicky voice changer app designed by Androbaby which you can use to change your voice easily and quickly. It features popular voice effects including echo, hexafluoride, wolf, and others. The interface is very pleasing and used fresh colors. It also allows you to share your audio with friends, social media, and messengers.


3. Snapchat

Created by: Snap Inc.
Price: Free – Get it on Google Play

Snapchat AppThese hilarious funny faces will have you laughing for days. With a variety of voice effects, Snapchat is a popular image messaging app. It can change your facial appearance and even voice by applying different voice effects. No doubt, it is another voice changer available for free on Google Play Store and Android devices.

Snapchat is more famous among teens. It features a variety of unique features. The user can create their own Geofilters, apply multiple filters, message emoji, symbols and others.

Snapchat Voice Changer

4. e3games Voice Changer

Created by: e3games
Price: Free – Get it on Google Play

e3games Voice ChangerThis amazing fmod voice changer app developed by e3games. With more than nine million downloads and four-star rating, the app has a variety of features as you’ll find in other voice changing Android apps. The app is similar to another voice changing and recording app offers by Androbaby. The design is very simple and they use yellow color to make the branding impressive. The app is available for free on Google Play Store.

The voice modulator features popular effects including drunk, Backwards, Kid, woman, old man, nasty, robot, and others. The social sharing facility and also there which you use to share your modified voice recordings on WhatsApp, DropBox and others.

New Voice Changer

5. Voice changer for kids and families

Created by: Baviux
Price: Free – Get it on Google Play

Kids Voice ChangerSinging chipmunks and Grand Canyon voice effects will surely make you laugh. The app is not kids specific, but anyone can use it. Usually, voice changer apps are more popular among kids and teens. The app has more than four million downloads with 4.3 rating on Google Play Store. You can also save your recorded voices directly on external storage such as SD card etc. The app is free, however, t offers in-app purchase.

Voice changer for kids and families

6. AndroidRock’s Voice Changer

Created by: AndroidRock
Price: Free – Get it on Google Play

AndroidRock Voice ChangerRecord a new audio or apply effects to your existing voice with AndroidRock’s Voice Changer. This is actually my favorite. Nice interface, cool color, and amazing voice effects. It has Martian, old man,  robot, bee, crunch and a lot of other effects. Interesting thing is that you can apply multiple effects to your audio to make it more enjoyable. Voice Changer is available for free on Google Play Store.

Best Voice Changer Android App

7. Other Voice Changing Apps

Here’s list of few more apps that you can download

If you know any other best voice changer app, please let us know. We will review and incorporate in our list., Also, share your views in the Comments. Male to female voice changer app for Android free download with effects, website but they do not support phone calls. For latest updates, visit our Apps page.

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