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Watch Free Movie Android iPhone

In this article, we are going to talk about free movie streaming apps. The apps discussed here are used by millions of users worldwide. These apps are perfect for Android and iOS devices.

We love watching movies whenever we have some time. There are also people who watch movies when they want to relax. Some of us watch movies to kill time. If we talk about movie streaming sites, you will be surprised to know that there are countless movie streaming sites you can find on the Internet where you can go and watch your favorite movies. There are many free movie streaming sites that don’t even require you to sign up first before using them. But you should also know that most of such sites are not safe and may contain malware.

In addition, technology has changed the way we use the Internet. Now most of us use smartphones instead of desktops to watch our favorite movies. This is why we see so many movie streaming apps launching every day. You too might have seen such movie streaming apps claiming to be the top movie streaming apps. You are about to learn about the best movie streaming apps for Android and iOS devices users. So get ready to learn about some amazing movie streaming websites.

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You can find countless free movie streaming apps on Google Play Store and iOS store. There is no doubt that some of those are really best apps and have a number of features such as streaming, downloading, IMDB rating, reviews etc. But most of those apps are good for watching movies online but not for downloading movies. There are some apps that are perfect for downloading. You can download movies to watch later. Some popular names are Moviebox, Showbox, Playbox etc. Now we are going to talk about some amazing movie streaming apps one by one for android and iOS device users.

Watch Movies Online With These Free Movie Streaming Apps


ShowboxThere is no doubt that Showbox has what it takes to make to the top of the list of free movie streaming apps. Show box is the app you can use to watch not only free movies but also free television shows. You can also watch trailers and reviews of the movies before watching or downloading them. You need an Android phone or iOS device to use this app.


MovieBox Movie Streaming AppMovieBox is another app used worldwide to watch and download high definition movies, television shows, and music videos. You can find movies supporting all formats like mp4, WMV, FLV etc. Reviews and trailers of the movies are also available. The app is recommended for Android and iOS device users.

Playbox HD

Playbox HD Watch MoviesStreaming and downloading high definition movies is no more just a dream. It is the reality now and it is happening these days. You can watch your favorite shows and funny videos on PlayBox HD. There are not many apps like PlayBox HD.

Sky HD App

Sky HD AppThe developers of Sky HD app have done a great job. The best thing about the app is that you can access the best playlist of movies and television shows. You should know that it also supports Chromecast.

Megabox and Movie Hd app

Movie HDThese are the best apps you can find in this category. Now watching movies and television shows with Movie HD is not a problem. You will be able to access the huge collection of recently released movies. Movie HD is available for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac computers.

Google Play Movies & TV

Google PlayHave you heard about Google Play Movie? It is basically Google’s app commonly used to watch and download movies and shows on your android smartphones. You simply have to access Google Play Store to get the app. you can stream your favorite movies using the app.

Flipps TV

Flipps TVFlipps TV app is the app you have been looking for so long. Using this app on your Android or iOS device is very easy and simple. Now anyone can use the app on his or her Android phone or iPhone, iPad etc. It should not be difficult.


ViewsterViewster can also be written on number two in the list simply because of the feature it offers. The features of this app are amazing and perhaps this is the reason the app has become the top movie streaming service in Europe. Now getting high definition videos is very easy. Chromecast your favorite movies and show o the big television screen. Android and iOS versions of the does not take long to download. Once you have the app you are good to go.


Crackle Movie Streaming AppUsers are attracted to Crackle because it is a popular movie streaming service offering best features which you don’t see in other movies streaming websites. The success of Crackle website paved the way for the launch of Crackle app for Android and iOS devices. Isn’t it great?


Direct TVWhen we talk about popular free movie streaming apps, how we can forget DIREC TV. If you love watching latest movies and television shows, you need DIREC TV app. You can also download Android and iOS versions of the app within a couple of seconds.


YouTube Free MoviesEvery Internet users know what YouTube is and what it is used for. It is video database accessed by millions of users located around the world. You will be surprised to know that YouTube has millions of active users making it the most popular website of its kind. YouTube app for Android and iOS devices is also available now. You can watch top quality videos using YouTube app on your smartphone.

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So that was the brief introduction of top free movie streaming apps. You simply need to have an Android or iOS version of the app you want to use. Once you have installed your favorite movie streaming app you can watch free movies of all types such as comedy, romance, horror, action and much more on an Android phone, tablets, iOS iPhone or iPad. This list of free movie streaming apps includes top ten free movie streaming apps. That’s it for now, we will be back soon with more articles like this.

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