TBH: What Does TBH Mean (Internet Chat Slang)

TBH Meaning and Definition

TBH is an acronym we often use on social media and instant messaging chat. Many people the ask question that why social media users have started using acronyms like TBH. The answer is very simple. These acronyms like TBH require fewer strokes and save users time. TBH is not the only acronym. There are so many acronyms that users frequently use. These acronyms or short terms are also called slangs. If you want to use this acronym, you must know what is actually means. It is because if you know the meaning of a slang or acronym only then you will be able to use it in the right way.

If you are a Facebook user then you must have seen “Like for a TBH”. In this article, we will discuss TBH acronym in detail.

TBH Stands for

TBH stands for, To Be Honest. If you see someone using TBH then he means to say “Honestly speaking……” or “I am speaking honestly…..”. Acronyms like TBH are popularized by teens and young adults most of which are addicted to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Where to Use TBH

Definition of TBH mainly depends on the situation or circumstances where you use it. Sometimes the tone of the person gives you an idea about the definition of TBH. If a person says, “TBH, I have not seen a poem so beautifully written”. This is a serious situation and you can see that the speaker has used the term with his full consciousness. But many people frequently use the term just as slang. They keep using it out of habit like “TBH you are very funny”.  So the meaning of TBH depends on the situation.

TBH Acronym in Facebook

TBH is used on many social networking sites and Facebook is one of them. Facebook users post “Like for a TBH” it means if you like his or her post, he will comment on you. In simple words, you have to like a post if you want to know what the person whose post you liked thinks about you.

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