What is Kik? A Free Text Messaging App

What is Kik

Kik will be a smart choice if you are looking for the best instant messaging app. There are other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat but Kik has started gaining popularity. People have started appreciating the features of Kik. The messaging apps mentioned above are linked with your phone number. But Kik allows users create an account using just their email address. This is what makes Kik different from other apps. If you are using Kik, you can find your friends who are also using the app. You should know their username if you want to search them. There is also an option of scanning a Kik code.

Kik users can send as many messages as they can. Remember the app will use your phone’s data plan. You can also connect your phone to Wi-Fi if you don’t want your phone to use your data plan. To login to your Kik account, read the following step by step guide.

Using Kik is Fun

Just like other instant messaging apps, Kik is extremely popular among teens and young adults. Chatting through text messages is a fun for teens. Now people have shifted from traditional SMS text messaging to Kik. You can send countless text messages on Kik and this is the main reason people use it. Kik is a perfect solution for those who complain about expensive data charges.

Chatting these days involves a lot more than just words. Now people send photos, videos, GIFs, and emoticons etc which add color to the chat. The app was surfaced in 2010 and within the next three years, it won the trust of millions of users worldwide. Users of Kik are generally referred to as Kicksters. Currently, there are more than three hundred million people using Kik worldwide.

Highlight Features of Kik

Below we have listed some highlight features of Kik.

Live Typing

If you are chatting with someone over Kik, you can actually see in real time what he or she is typing in the message. In this way, you know if you should expect a message or not.


Kik notifies you whenever your message is sent or delivered. So you know if your message is received or not.

Invite Friends

You can invite your friends to join Kik and open the doors to unlimited fun. They can receive the invites through SMS or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. For instance, your friend joins Kik using his or her phone number and email. Kik will know that you are friends with him or her so it will notify you both to connect on Kik.

Kik Code Scanning

You can access your Kik code within the app. adding a Kik user is easy. Simply touch the search icon and then touch “Find People” and then “Scan a Kik Code”. Make sure that you have allowed Kik to access your camera because only then it will be able to use your camera for the scanning purposes.

Video Chat

Previously Skype offered video chat and now Kik has started replacing Skype. Millions of Kik users video chat with their friends and family members which are something we didn’t think about doing a few years back.

Multimedia Message Sending

Kik lets you do a lot than just sending text messages. Do you know that you can send photos, videos, emoticons, and GIFs?

Profile Integration

Kik users have a username and account. If you want to use Kik, you will be first choosing your username which should be unique. You can also add a profile picture. Read also Kik profile tips and tricks.

Chat Lists

Kik maintains chat lists. You can see different chats you have with different people. Simply click the chat list and start chatting.

Chat Customization

Those who have used Apple’s iMessage app may understand better how Kik works. People often talk about the similarities they found in the two apps. It allows you select the color of your chat bubble.

Group Chats

Group chat is another amazing feature of Kik which is extremely popular among users. If you start a group, Kik allows you add users to the group. You can add any user of your choice. As you can guess, in group chat, there are more than two users chatting at the same time which sound great.


Kik needs your permission to access your contacts. It will only access your contacts if you allow it to do so. Privacy is your right and Kik knows it.

So what you are waiting for, download Kik Messenger now and enjoy the features mentions above. The app is available for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  iPhone and Android users can get the app from iTunes and Play Store respectively. When you download the app you will be asked to sign in. If this is the first time you are using Kik then you will be asked to create an account.

Please visit Kik official website for more information. Website

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