Understanding the WinZip and Zip Files

What is a Zip File

Have you ever seen zip files on your computer or received through email? Today, I am going to share some important information about Zip files and WinZip.  What is a Zip file and how to unzip files with Win Zip easily and quickly?

Basically, we used Winzip to zip or compress multiple files into one single small lightweight bundle. Most of the email provides offers limited file transfer facility. In case, if you have larger files, then you cannot send these files. To overcome this problem, you can use WinZip to compress those files and send through email without any hesitation.

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What is a Zip File?

Usually, we called a Zip file an “archive” file. As we already discussed, a zip file is actually a compressed bundle of actual files inside it. We used Zip file transfer files from one device to another or in communications on email or messengers. In other words, we use zip files to transfer files from one place to another. It is just like a transport container used to transfer heavy goods from one place to another.

How the Zipping and Unzipping Work?

Three different things that we can understand about a Zip file.

  1. A Zip file can contain a single or multiple files inside it.
  2. It can archive the data up to 50 to 85% smaller size.
  3. You can protect your archive or zip file with a password.

What is the difference between a Zip and WinZip?

A zip file is a file format and WinZip is a software or program used to zip or compress files to make a lightweight container. So these are two different things.

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