Similar Apps like WinZip & WinRAR Free Alternatives

Similar Apps Like WinZip Alternatives

When it comes to compression apps, the very first name that comes to mind is WinZip or WinRAR. Most of the computer users are so used to with these names that they think that all compression software are either WinZip or WinRAR. Read full article if you want to know about free WinZip alternatives, similar apps, and software.

Compression software like WinZip is used by millions of users worldwide and the number of users keeps increasing. But the problem is that Internet users want to use apps and software which are free but WinZip is not free. This is where third-party compression tools and programs come into the play. There are plenty of compression tools which you can use to compress your files or decompress a variety of formats for free. Almost all these free apps have the features found in WinZip and WinRAR. You will be happy to know that some of them offer advanced features which you may not have seen in WinZip and WinRAR.

1. Best Alternative Apps for Data Compression

There are plenty of compression tools. We have tried to create a list of compression apps available for all operating systems. Let’s have a look at our list of top free apps like WinZip.

2. Extract Now

Extract Now
Compress data with Extract Now

The very first compression app we are going to talk about is Extract Now. If you are searching a free program that can let you archive a number of archives quickly and easily then you need Extract Now. When you first use the program you will realize that it is very easy to use. If there are files you want to compress then simply drag the files to the interface of the program and hit ‘Extract’ button. There are other tools in our list which you can use to extract a number of files but we recommend Extra Now because it is way easy to use than others. You can download Extract Now for almost all the versions of Windows.

3. Hamster Free ZIP Archiver

Hamster Free ZIP Archiver
Hamster Free ZIP Archiver

Next compression tool on our list is Hamster Free ZIP Archiver. We are recommending this tool because it is one of those compression apps which are ranked higher on the basis of their compression ratio and compression speed. Hamster Free ZIP Archiver allows you select the compression level. The interface of the tool is beautifully designed. The highlight features of Hamster Free ZIP Archiver are compression levels, password protection and splitting files. You can use Hamster Free ZIP Archiver without any hesitation because it supports commonly known compression formats like RAR, ZIP, and 7z etc. Download Free Zip Archiver

4. 7-Zip


If you have not used 7-Zip yet, then you better start using it for all your compression needs. We promise that once you start using 7-Zip, you will not want to use WinRAR or WinZip anymore. The list of compression format supported by 7-Zip is very long. The list of supported formats for packing/unpacking includes ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, 7z, and XZ. 7-Zip is also better than other compression software in terms of compression ratio. Currently, 7-Zip is available in more than eighty languages including English, French, Spanish, German and Turkish. It is a cross-platform tool available for Windows and Linux. The tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows from the oldest to the latest. Download 7-Zip

5. jZip


jZip is based on 7-Zip technology and those who have used 7-Zip can guess what we are talking about. If you have jZip then you can unzip any Zip file archives. When you install jZip on your device it gives you will be asked to choose the types of formats you will open and safe using jZip. The interface of jZip is different from 7-Zip. This is a perfect program if you just need to pack/unpack files easily quickly.

6. Bandizip


Looking for a free compression tool? There is a super fast tool named Bandizip that you can use for compression and extraction. Its compression speed is five times faster than the other tools of its kind thanks to its multi-core support. Bandizip also supports drag and drop feature making things easy for the users. It increases the compression speed by bypassing the compression in-efficient files. You can get Bandizip for Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.

7. Zip Extractor

Zip Extractor is a free Chrome browser extension. It is a browser-based compression tool. You must have seen that other tools we discussed above are required to be downloaded on your system but Zip Extractor is not like them as you can use it from your Web browser. Using Zip Extractor you can only zip files from your PC or Google Drive to Google Drive. If you need a compression tool to extract files to your PC then use other tools discussed above because Zip Extractor will not compress files to your PC.

8. PeaZip

Another free alternative to WinZip and WinRAR is PeaZip. You can use PeaZip for compression as it supports multiple formats like 7z, XZ, BZ2, ZIP, RAR, TAR, and GZ. Above we said that 7-Zip is the best compression tool you can find. There is no doubt that 7-Zip is an amazing tool when it comes to compression but if you cannot use 7-Zip for some reasons then you can use PeaZip. It is free and you can download it for Windows (32 and 64 bit). You can also download PeaZip Portable for Windows and Linux. PeaZip Portable does not require any kind of installation. You just have extracted and use the application.

9. B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver is a very good tool if you are looking for a free alternative to WinRAR and WinZip. It is an easy to use file archiver. The best thing about B1 Free Archiver is that you can get it on any computer. You don’t have to pay anything to use the tool because it is a free tool. B1 Free Archiver is a cross-platform tool available for multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. It is a safe and secure tool and unlike others, you don’t have to worry about any kind of malicious software when installing it. B1 Free Archiver is not a threat to your privacy. There is also a B1 Free Archiver “Developers Community” where you can ask a question you have in your mind. Download B1 Free Archiver

10. RAR

Need a compression app for your Android device? If yes, then you can use RAR. It is an Android app and it supports a number of frequently used formats like Zip, RAR, TAR, BZ2, GZ, and ARJ. The app also features basic file manager making it easy for you to look for your files and add them to the app. RAR allows you encrypt files. It is one of the most downloaded Android apps of its kind. If you are using free RAR app then you will see ads. But you can buy the premium version of the app to get rid of the ads.

11. Simple Unrar

This is another Android app in our list. The word ‘Unrar’ in the app gives some idea about the kind of app it is. Basically, it is used to extract .rar files. So unlike other apps which also compress files, Simple Unrar is only used to extract .rar files. The app is very easy to use. You first need to browse the RAR file you want to extract, select the destination folder on your computer and then click the Extract button. You can extract RAR files up to 2 GB in size using Simple Unrar. It is an Android app, so you can download the app from the Google Play Store.

Now you know about the apps which you can use if you cannot find or use WinZip or WinRAR for some reasons. The WinZip alternative apps we discussed above are free and most of them are cross-platform apps. Some of these apps have features you may not have heard about before.

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