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www.Hotmail.com is one of the most powerful and reliable email services powered by World’s largest technology company Microsoft. It is still the first choice for teens and business community not only in the United States but all over the world. It is a free email webmail service with tons of valuable features. In this educational guide, you will learn how to use Hotmail email, login to your account, create a new account, reset the password and other problems.

Initially, Microsoft offered basic features but today, it has a plenty of useful features such as powerful security options, ability to view and edit office documents, attach and send up to 12 GB of file, 30 GB free storage, filters, and search. In 2013, Microsoft rebranded its email services and rename to Outlook.com.

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Outlook.com is more advanced than Hotmail.com because it has a bunch of components which you can use for seamless communication. Some of them include enhanced storage, big file attachments, the broad interface for reading and composing emails, safeguard, spam filters, automatic deleting unwanted emails and others.

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www.Hotmail.com Sign up

In the first section of this guide, you will learn about the Microsoft account related information. Microsoft offers a lot of online services. To use those services, you need to have an account to sign in to the specific service, product, or website.

Creating Hotmail.com Account (Step-by-Step)

To sign up for a new account, just follow these simple steps.

  • Firstly, navigate to www.hotmail.com in your favorite browser. Google Chrome or Firefox internet browsers are very common these days. As stated above, Hotmail.com is now Outlook.com. You can type Hotmail.com/login or Outlook.com to access Hotmail account. Now follow the instructions mentioned below.
  • If you already have an account, then you can easily login. But if you don’t have, you need to click ‘create account’ or ‘sign up’ links to join the email service for free.
  • A sign-up form will appear. Just fill the required information to create your account. Your first name, last name, gender, country, phone number, and date of birth is required in order to create a Hotmail.com account.
  • Please remember, choose a strong password. A powerful Hotmail password can save you from hackers. Please read this article to create a strong password for your email accounts.
  • There are billions of users with different usernames. You need to choose a unique username for your email address. For example [email protected] or [email protected] For instance, if “James” is very common. So you can add some additional numbers just like this “[email protected]”.
  • Finally, click the next button to complete the process. You will receive a confirmation email on your alternate email address along with a link. You just need to click on that link to verify your identity. Congratulations, you can now login Hotmail using your username and password without any hesitation.

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Using www.hotmail.com/login account

To use Hotmail sign in, please follow these simple steps.

  • It is recommended to keep only one or two accounts. And also, to keep your accounts active, you need to sign in regularly. If you don’t use your account for years, then it will be deleted automatically and your email id will be available for others.
  • To avoid this situation, sign in to Hotmail or one drive account at least once a year.
  • Different services require sign in with various time span. For example, Xbox required login once a year.
  • Please keep in mind, fraudulent activates are very common these days. Some bad guys use their accounts for sending spam emails to millions of users. Microsoft will terminate your account if they found any suspicious activity.

Hotmail Email

How to Close Hotmail.com Account

If you want to close your account, just go to account settings and located “Close Account” section to close your account. Once you have submitted the request, your account will be suspended for two months. You can sign in within sixty days to check your old emails. After that period, your account will be permanently deactivated.

Please remember, you cannot recover your data after the account termination, so keep the back of important information before closing your account.

Customer Support

Outlook.com offers various ways to contact their customer service department. Please read this article for Hotmail or Outlook.com support.

Free and Paid Services – Payment and Subscription Information

Microsoft offers its email service for free and you can sign up for your account without spending a dime. However, if you subscribe to paid services such as Skype or others, then you need to pay monthly or yearly charges depends on your package plan.

Notable Features of Hotmail/Outlook.com

Here’s the list of important features.

Reading Pain – It is one of the finest features. You can easily view a short description of all emails without opening the full email. So you can decide which mail is important.

Calendar – Organize email with this wonderful feature.

Auto-Complete Search – Searching emails is now very easy to thisĀ amazing search function. It will automatically show you the relevant quires while typing.

Sweep – A revolutionary feature that helps you to Sweep easily all unwanted emails with just one click. You just need to select an email and then click “Sweep” button, choose Move all from or Delete all from.

Spam – Hotmail integrated very powerful spam filters. Basically, it divided spam emails into “Spam” and “Grey mail”. Spam mail usually contains misleading or milieus material while Grey mails are promotional content received from various online stores and merchants. The good news is that, Hotmail’s new filtering functionality based on IP. If you received non-stop emails from the same IP, those emails will goes to spam folder automatically.

IM and Text Messaging From Inbox – Wow, I love this feature. You can easily send a text message or IM directly from your inbox. Just like Facebook messenger, you can also communicate with your friends or family members using the chat gadget located on the right side of your inbox.

Exchange ActiveSync – You can easily synchronize emails to your smartphones.

Hotmail/Outlook Mobile Apps

Microsoft offers powerful apps for various mobile platforms. You can download Android apps from Google Play Store on your smartphone and tablets. If you have an iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store to get the app for free. Similarly, you can download Hotmail apps for your Blackberry, Nokia, HTC and all available Android phones in the market.

Here’s list of popular questions asked by Hotmail users over the internet

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Hotmail.com is one of the oldest and largest email services in the world with billions of active users. I remember I created my Hotmail account in 2001 when I was working in a software company as a networking operator. Sign in the account is very easy, Just follow easy steps to access your account.

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