Xcode for Windows PC: Download and Install

XCode for Windows PC

We have been talking about social media apps a lot. Hope you found those articles very helpful. Now we have decided to tell you about something else. You will find this article very useful if you love creating apps. If you don’t like creating apps you can still read the article to know what exactly XCode is. Creating apps is not something everyone can do. Therefore we should leave it to professionals. It involves a lot of coding in creating apps and coding is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You will be using XCode if you want to develop apps for Apple products. Basically, XCode is the Mac application you will be using for Mac coding language. Using XCode you can create applications to be used on iPhone, iPads, iPhones, iPods and other Apple products. XCode is free software package but you must have an OS X device to use it. Don’t be disappointed because we know that you have landed on this page thinking how to get XCode for Windows PC.


Basically, XCode is an IDE. Here IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It allows you do many things such as compiling your code, designing a graphical user interface, testing your apps and making the documentation for your app. People who are in the developing field and develop apps for Apple products have XCode. It is impossible to develop for Apple products without using XCode. Let’s put it this way that XCode is the only IDE (Integrated Development Environment) you can use to if you want to develop for Apple. We can say that it is a must-have tool for those who develop apps to be used on Apple products. Of course, there are text editors you can use to code the entire code but what how you are going to test the app. You will need to use XCode for testing purposes.

Apple has made XCode IDE available for free so that developers may use it without any problem. The company decided to make it free in order to encourage people to make apps for Apple products. When you make apps, you will sell it on the App Store.

How to Get XCode for Windows PC

XCode is for OS X and we want to get use it on our Windows PC. Some of you must be thinking there is no way we can get XCode for Windows PC because XCode is not developed to be used on Windows. So, how we are planning to get XCode for Windows PC?

Have you heard about emulators? We will be using emulators to get what we want. You might have used Android emulators on smartphones. You can easily find Android and iOS emulators as there are plenty of them available. There are some really good emulators for iOS from which you can choose. When we use emulator we make our computer do things it is not designed to do.

There are two popular OS X emulators you can consider using. First is VMware which is paid and the second is VirtualBox which you can get for free. Both the emulators are good. Here, we will be using VirtualBox. Things you need are given below.

  • A fast computer because it will take less time compiling code and testing apps.
  • Make sure that you have the latest OS X installer.
  • Xcode compatible with the OS X version you are using. You can download XCode from the App Store.
  • You will need an Apple ID.
  • VirtualBox

Now read the following instructions to learn how to get XCode for Windows PC

  • Firstly, install the emulator, which is VirtualBox, on your PC and then you need to install OS X.
  • Next, you will install XCode. There should not be any problem installing XCode. And then go to the App Store and download the installer.
  • It will take some time to download because of the file size. So sit back and wait until it finishes downloading.

That’s it. This is how you can get XCode for your Windows PC. You can create and test as many apps as you want using XCode. But you will need an Apple device such as Mac if you want to make your apps available on the App Store for sale.

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