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Xender for PC Windows

Learn how to get Xender for PC windows, install and use to transfer files from one device to another easily and quickly with step by step guide.

How do you transfer files from one device to another? There are many ways to transfer files from one device to another. But the problem comes when the two devices run two different operating systems. This is why we are going to tell about Xender for PC. In this article, we will show you how you can set up Xender for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Once you have set up Xender then you can easily share files. We often need to transfer files between two devices running two different operating systems. You may know what we are talking about because this is why you are here. There are people who keep discovering smart solutions of the problems we often face. We must be thankful to them for making things so simple for us. Some people use Dropbox to transfer files between two devices. But there are some issues with Dropbox because of which we don’t recommend it. Using Dropbox is a time-consuming process, so we recommend you use Xender.

Why Xender?

Xender is a simple app which lets you share files with other devices. It uses local Wi-Fi network or mobile device hotspot. This is the best app you can find if you need to transfer files between any two devices. You can download Xender from the Google Play app store. It is not much you have to do to use this program. We will show you how to get it installed on your PC and then how to use it. The developers of Xender wanted to make things simple and it looks like they have been pretty successful in it.

How to Send Files Using Xender

The very first you need to keep in mind is that the two devices being used in the sharing process must be on the same local Wi-Fi network or placed next to each other. Make sure that the devices are also discoverable on the network. Xender will use the mobile hotspot feature.

You will start things with installing the Xander app on your mobile device. If you need to transfer files to or from your PC, you will just access the website http://web.xender.com. For now, don’t think about downloading Xender for PC. Yes, we know that you are here to get Xender for PC but you need to do as instructed. We will also show you how to transfer files from mobile to PC.

1. Mobile to Mobile

Follow the instruction given below to transfer files between two mobiles.

  • Download and install Xender on your mobile from the respective app store.
  • Make sure that mobile hotspot is turned on, on your main device.
  • If you cannot see the device on the Wi-Fi network then make sure that it is not hidden.

2. Android to Android

Here are the instructions.

  • Open Xender app on your main device and touch “+” button.
  • From the given options you will select ‘Create Group’
  • On the other Android device, touch ‘+’and then touch ‘Join Group’
  • It should not be difficult to find the other devices. Just click on it and the devices will be connected automatically.

3. Android to iOS

Read and follow these steps.

  • Open Xender app on your Android device. Touch ‘+’ and then touch ‘Connect iPhone’
  • Now go to settings on the other device (iOS) and touch ‘Wi-Fi’ and then connect to Android’s hotspot.
  • On your iOS device, you will launch Xender and touch ‘Connect Friend’
  • The devices will be paired automatically and then you can start transferring files.

4. iOS to iOS

This is how you can use Xender to transfer files between two iOS devices.

  • Launch Xender and touch ‘+’ and then ‘connect friend’
  • You will see devices on the Wi-Fi network from which you will choose your other iOS device.
  • Your iOS devices will be paired automatically. Now you can start transferring files.

5. Mobile to PC

Sometimes transferring files from mobile to PC becomes the most difficult thing to do. But if you use Xender you can transfer files from your mobile to PC within a few seconds. As we said above, there is no need to install Xender on your PC. You will just go to http://web.xender.com on your PC. Following are the steps you need to follow.

  • Open Xender app on your phone and then touch “+” and then “Connect PC”
  • It will open up your phone camera.
  • You will scan the QR code from http://web.xender.com. Above we asked to access http://web.xender.com from your PC. This is how you pair your mobile with your PC.

Make sure that your mobile and PC are placed next to each other for this process to work. If this is not possible for some reasons then both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Now you can start sharing files between your PC or Mac and mobile.

We are not saying that Xender file is the only way to transfer files. Yes, there is another way but Xender is far better than other file transfer apps people use. It is lightweight and fast. These are the features which we look for when searching and app. Please share your views about Xender for PC windows step by step guide.

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