Yik Yak for PC Windows 10, 7, XP and Mac Computer Free Download

Yik Yak for PC and Mac

Yik Yak is a popular smartphone app which you can use to connect with other people. If you talk about the fastest growing apps then Yik Yak is one of them. The app is mainly used in colleges and universities. Unlike other apps, Yik Yak doesn’t require you to sign in. Once you have downloaded the app you can start using it after letting it access your location.

Every Yik Yak users have a group. You need to know what your group is. Your group will be one and a half mile radius circle around you. It is not fixed as stated above the app uses your location, so when your location changes your radius changes automatically. In this way, your group keeps changing. People in group post messages while keeping their identity hidden. If someone has posted a message you and other users in the group can see it. If you like or dislike a post you can upvote or downvote it. The users keep an eye on popular yaks in their area.

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Yik Yak Online

You must have seen people using Yik Yak on smartphones. But you should know that you can also get Yik Yak for your PC or Mac. It will be using Yik Yak on your computer. Remember, the app is only available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Don’t be disappointed, we will show you a way following which you can download Yik Yak for PC.

Yik Yak

Here is the step by step procedure following which you can get Yik Yak for PC and Mac. We also use an emulator in the process given below. There are two commonly used emulators Bluestacks and Andyroid. Both are good and do what they are made to do. You can use anyone of them. The emulator is used to making the app believe that it is being run on Android device.

How to Get Yik Yak for Windows PC and Mac Computer

To download Yik Yak on Pc Windows all version Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac computers, follow these simple steps.

  • Download an emulator, Bluestacks and Andyroid and install it on your PC or Mac. It is very easy and hopes you will not face any problem while downloading the emulator.
  • Next, you login using your Google account. You must have a google account because without having a Google account you cannot access the Google Play Store. You need to download Yik Yak apk files from the Google Play Store. Those who don’t have a Google account can create one now. The process of creating a new Google or Gmail account is easy and it will not take long. You will sign up for Gmail by providing your basic information. The whole process should not take more than ten minutes. Google will also verify your phone number by sending a code which you will enter in the given space.
  • Now you are logged into Google account so you will download Yik Yak from the Play Store. Simply search Yik Yak in the Play Store. Download the app on your system.

Open the app and it will ask to use your location. Let the app use your location because if you don’t, it won’t work. Now you can start using the app. Now you can get Yik Yak for PC Windows computer and Mac computer easily and quickly without any hesitation.

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