Amazing Tips, Tricks & Secrets for Yik Yak Users

Yik Yak Tips and Secrets

Yik Yak is another app that has started winning the trust of the users. The app is available for multiple platforms like iOS and Android. Yik Yak has attracted a lot of users in a very short period of time. You can use the app to connect with nearby people. The app also allows you share what is going on in your heads. In this article, we will give you top Yik Yak tips and tricks which will surely help you use the app. The tips and secrets, you find here are not very common.

This is a newly released app and its users are increasing rapidly. So far millions of users have joined Yik Yak and this number is expected to increase in the future. Still, there are many who don’t know that there is a social media app named Yik Yak. So, we will also provide some information about the app so you could know how to use it. We recommend that you read this article to the end to find the answer to all the questions you have in your mind about this amazing app.

If you are already using Yik Yak, then feel free to share your experience of using the app with us. New users can use your experience as a guideline. Your tips will be very useful for the new users.

Yik Yak: Introduction

Yik Yak, as mentioned above, is a social media app. It is not just another social media app. The app uses the internal GPS of your phone in order to determine your location. Yik Yak allows you post messages without revealing your identity. And Yik Yak users within the radius of 1.5 miles can read your message. This is how you and other users within your range mentioned above can see the community yaks.

Now you know how people can spread their ideas quickly. Not only ideas but they can also spread news and jokes with those who are within their 1.5-mile circle. People who can view the idea you spread can also vote it up or down. It gives you some idea about the number of people who viewed your idea. Again, the app does not reveal your identity so whoever receives your message doesn’t know anything about you. In other words, you don’t have to hide your identity in order to use the app.

Karma Score on Yik Yak

Some Yik Yak users ask what does Karma Score on Yik Yak means. Yakarma and Karma score is the same thing. Basically, your Karma score shows your popularity. Next question is how Karma Score is determined. Your Karma score increases when people upvote your message and decreases when they downvote your message. It means you would like to have your message up voted rather than down voted.

Remember, 100 is the base Yakarma score when a person joins Yik Yak. You must be wondering what the other ways you can use to increase your Yakarma score are. Upvoting or down voting other users’ yaks is another way to increase your Yakarma score.

Using Yik Yak

Using Yik Yak is very easy as compare to other social media apps you are familiar with. Unlike other apps, Yik Yak does not require your personal information during the sign-up process. As stated above, the app does not reveal your identity and allows you post messages anonymously. First off, you need to download and install Yik Yak on your device.

iPhone and Android users can download the app from the App Store and the Play Store. When you are done downloading and installing, launch the app. You will be prompted to allow the app use your location. The app will only work after you allow it to use your location. This is why the app does not require you to sign in. You will be able to see yaks of other people near you. You can also up vote or down the yaks. Sending a message on Yik Yak is very easy. You just have to click on the little box with a pen in it at the upper right side. Remember, there can be only 200 characters in your message.

Upvote and Downvote

If there is an interesting message and you like it, you can upvote it. In the same, you can also downvote the messages you don’t like. This upvote and downvote technique makes things interesting. You must be wondering what happens when a message is downvoted. Well, if a message is downvoted four times by Yik Yak users, nothing happens. But the messages downvoted five times are disappeared. In other words, the app gives the power in the hands of users to decide the quality of the message. So, best messages stay and bad messages are disappeared. Those who have are familiar with the rating system used by most of the app and websites will know how the upvote and downvote system works.

One more thing that voting does is it influences your Yakarma score. Basically, it encourages you to keep on voting. Your Yakarma score increases when you vote. You get points when users upvote your message or comment on your message.

Changing Location on Yik Yak

As stated above, when you install the app you give the app permission to access your location. So, the app knows your location wherever you go. You cannot make the app think you are at some other location. But there is a peek feature you can use. Using this feature you can easily view other local Yik Yak groups or communities. When you peek into an area, where you can vote up or down on yaks. Remember, there is one problem that you will not be able to post your own message. Yik Yak uses your GPS to determine your location. You can peek into an area but it will not change your location. Your posts will only be visible to users near you and not to the users in the area you peeked into.

Yik Yak Popularity

The app is popular among college and university students. It is because the app was originally launched for educational institutions like colleges and universities. There were some issues about using the Yik Yak in schools, so you won’t be able to use the app in school settings.

Following are the institutes where Yik Yak has gained a lot of popularity.

Auburn University, University of Virginia, Columbia University, University of Hawaii, University of South Carolina and College of Charleston etc.

There is a New/Hot tab on the app using which you can know what is popular on the app. Read the following instructions.

  • Launch the app and locate More with three dots above it at the lower right side.
  • There you can see all time greatest yaks and top yaks in your area.
  • Make your choice to see the new and hot yaks on the list.

Negative Side of Yik Yak

Yik Yak is not the only platform where people abuse each other and say bad things. Most of the popular online forums face the same problems. Cyberbullying has become a major issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. One good thing is that online forums like Yik Yak understand the gravity of the situation. The app faced the severe criticism from parents and schools for people abusing within school settings.

You will be happy to know that Yik Yak has done something about it. Have you heard about geofencing? If you are at a place where using Yik Yak is not allowed for the above-mentioned reasons the app will know it. This is how the new feature geofencing works. The app will start working when it comes to knowing that you are in the area where using the app is not allowed. You will receive a simple message saying that the app is deactivated. You can use the app everywhere except the geofenced areas.

Using Yik Yak Online

Currently, the app is not available online. Those who have iOS and Android devices can use the app. Right now, we can’t say if the app will be available online in the near future. New users keep joining the app and mobile users of the app are expected to increase. Let’s hope that the app will be available online.

Using Yik Yak on Computer

We can say the same thing what we said above about using Yik Yak online. Currently, the desktop version of the app is not available. So, you cannot use the app on your computer or laptop. But there is a way around if you want to use Yik Yak on your computer. You will need to use an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Before you use an Android emulator, you better read the Yik Yak terms and conditions.

Yik Yak for computer

Yik Yak Club

There are also Yik Yak clubs created by Yik Yak users. As stated above, the app allows you send messages anonymously. This is why the idea of Yik Yak club sounds strange because it can expose your identity. You better not share your personal information on the app with anyone. You will find many people who would like to meet you in person. If you sense something wrong, don’t hesitate to cut off communication.

Top Yik Yak Tips

We will give you some very useful Yik Yak tips. You will surely find these tips very helpful.

  • Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the first thing you need to no matter which social media app or site you are using. It is very important for you to know who your user is. Your messages are viewable to users near you and you never know who those people are. This is why; it is not easy for the users to know their audience. You can only guess what kind of people there are in your locality.

  • Trending Topics

Do you want upvotes? Yes, there is a way to get what you want. If you can just mimic what it on the top, you can surely get a ton of uproots. The trending topic can be anything like yaks about a local party or yaks about your exams. This is how you find success on Yik Yak.

  • The Best Yak

You need to post a unique message if you want people to upvote your Yak. It is because people always want to view something new and different. So, be sure that your yak is different from the other yaks and there is something special in it.

  • Funny Yak

Keep one thing in mind that funny Yaks always attract more people. You can also use someone else’s line to make a good impression.

Many of you must be saying that it is cheating. Sometimes people don’t mean what they say on Yik Yak. You just need to remember the main purpose of joining the Yik Yak. Most of the people join apps like Yik Yak to have fun. Everything said on Yik Yak is not taken seriously.

Hope you find this article very useful. Now you know everything you need to know and Yik Yak. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.Visit Yik Yak official websites for more information.

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